October 18, 2014
Playing Cards and Flash Cards for Education
Make Flash Cards w.ith our printable blank flash cards
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Printable Blank Playing Cards can be used with text, photos or images to make effective educational games. Simple card games are often the best.  They do not require a lot of learning time, thereby leaving more time for the subject being taught.  Even simple games that pair cards, such as Go Fish, are made challenging by the subject material being learned and reinforced.  Simply matching cards can be an enjoyable learning activity for individuals and small groups.

There are also opportunities to use card games for classes where communication and interaction are the primary objective.  Such an example would be an ESL or Foreign Language class where students communicate in the target language to develop a card game and write the rules for it.

Printable Blank Flash (Tarot) Cards and the QuickCards3 program make it possible to create custom flash cards very quickly.

Following are some links to sites that may be helpful when making your educational card games and flash cards:


Alphabetical List of Educational Card Games These 132 games were designed as part of EDTEC 670 and are not available for sale. Write to the authors for permission to create your own version of the games. They'll say yes!                                                                                                                                                       

Card Games, Rules, History of Cards

"Mechanics of Card Games"    This could be very helpful to a teacher preparing a guide for students to use when designing games and writing the rules.

Clip Art & Photos claims to have the largest collection of free photographs for private non-commercial use on the Internet.   Free Clip Art - Lots of Categories     A large collection of free images for the classroom      Free clip art.    Phillip Martin. has placed over 1500 hand-drawn,
colored, original cartoon drawings freely online for non-profit use

We invite you to Download the QuickCards Program and see for yourself how easy it is to create decks of  playing cards and flash cards to help you teach.