October 18, 2014
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What are PlainCards?
They are blank on one or both sides so that you can print them on your computer printer.  They are available for making personalized playing cards, tarot cards, trading/sports cards and flash cards. PlainCards are made from the very highest quality card stock and have been available on the internet since 2001.
PlainCards® are micro-perforated 8-1/2 x 11 inch card stock that you can print on to make your own custom cards.

1.  Download the QuickCards         program and have fun designing your own custom cards.

2.  Print your cards on PlainCards micro-perforated blank card master sheets.

3. Remove the micro-perforated individual cards from the master sheet.
QuickCards3 software makes designing  your own custom cards
fun and easy.
Playing Cards with our printable blank  playing cards and playing card design software.
Make Tarot Cards with our printable blank tarot cards and tarot card design software.
Make Trading Cards with our printable blank trading cards and trading card design software.
Make Game Cards with our printable blank game cards and game design software.
Design a Deck for a Unique Gift.
Put your Travels on Cards.
Create Momentos of Special Events.
Raise Funds with Custom Cards.
Use PlainCards for Training.
Promote your Business.
Make Life A Little Easier.
Make Learning Fun.
Personalize Childrens' Games.
Some Ideas for PlainCards
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As Seen
Make Your Cards in 3 Easy Steps
About PlainCards
PlainCards will close when our inventory is gone. Save up to 75% on all remaining items.